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Samsung accused of copying Apple Watch with the new Galaxy Watch 2 by fans

A photo reported to have been leaked from Samsung appears to show the upcoming Galaxy Watch Active 2 for the first time.

The image shows two watch faces, one with a petal-like design and another with a tapestry of times, dates and other readings.

Fans were quick to point out that the two designs bare a striking resemblance to faces available on the Apple Watch.

The photo of the new gadget – part of Samsung’s fitness-focussed “Active” smartwatch range – was posted to Twitter by reliable leaker Evan Blass.

The smartwatch, due out on August 5, is expected to come with 4GB of memory and a slick AMOLED display, as well as plenty of features to help you get fitter.

Twitter users replying to Blass’ image repeatedly confused the gizmo for a new Apple Watch. Apple hasn’t released one since last September’s Apple Watch 4.

One user wrote: “I’m guessing these are the new ‘Apple Watch Series 5’?!?!”

Another said: “It’s definitely an Apple Watch.”

You can see where they’re coming from. The rose-gold and black colour schemes, coupled with the design of the faces, means they certainly look like something Apple would cook up.

But as fans pointed out, the picture is extremely unlikely to show a new Apple Watch.

The date on the face shows August 5, and Apple has no events booked for then.

Samsung, on the other hand, confirmed to investors this week it would launch the Galaxy Active 2 on August 5.

Last week, the Korean tech giant released a teaser video announcing it would launch a new watch of some sort on August 5.

That all seems set then. It’s a slightly odd trajectory for Samsung, which only released its first Galaxy Active watch in February.

It released the first Galaxy Watch – the company’s pricier, bulkier smartwatch – last August.

Apple recently unveiled a credit card called the Apple Card – and it could get a UK release date very soon, experts predict.

The tech giant unveiled the surprise product alongside a new Netflix-style TV service called Apple TV+, a News+ magazine subscription, and a paid-for video gaming bundle called Apple Arcade.

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